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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago


Obtaining independence, Kyrgyzstan has started they way of democratic interventions and conduction of political and economic reforms, directed on social-economic development, poverty reduction, increasing of civil society role.
With the goal to identify main obstacles in development of economic reforms of Kyrgyzstan, responders were asked the question What, to your opinion, is the main obstacle on the way of effective economic reforms?.
The relative majority - each third citizen of Kyrgyzstan, 39% of businessmen and the same quantity of office workers consider that corruption and weakness of the government are the main obstacles on the way of further development of Kyrgyzstan.
Figure 3. Main obstacles on the way of effective economic reforms (population)
Question: What, to your opinion, is the main obstacle on the way of effective economic reforms?
Distributor in the market Dordoi:
Questions in Your questionnaire are very important, and if the Government fights with corruption, then economy in the Republic will raise at higher level.
From the report of interviewer Schuliko G.
The second reason, which impedes the growth of economy, is the absence of performance of laws adopted, normative regulations and resistance of officials and bureaucrats on the sites.
Such opinion is followed by 17% office workers, 14% of representatives of law-enforcement bodies[1], 12% of population. But it is true that office workers do not see, among the main reasons, such as resistance of officials and bureaucracy. Instead of the last notion they say absence of worked out program of reforms conduction.
Moreover, among all kinds of crime, which according to the opinion of our responders, present the major threat for Kyrgyzstan, there are bribes, corruption among governmental officials and cleaning out of governmental property. The similar point of view is followed by more than a half of representatives of law-enforcement bodies and office workers of governmental institutions, two of third of businessmen and one third of adult population of the country.
Figure 4. Types of crime, which present the major threat for Kyrgyzstan

Question: What types of crime, to your opinion, do present the major threat for Kyrgyzstan?
The major threat for each individual citizen and his/her family is the larceny of own property. This was confirmed by the forth of each groups questioned, except representatives of law-enforcement bodies, who beware of larceny more than other groups investigated (37%).
The next types of crime, according to the extent of danger for individual citizen and his/her family, are robbery, gangsterism and terrorism.
Corruption, weakness of governmental authorities and non-performance of laws adopted on the sites have become main obstacles in the way of economic reforms, conducted by the President of the country. The third of society is keeping this point of view. The major threat for progressive development of Kyrgyzstan comes from bribes and corruption among governmental officials, that is why the current need of the day is the struggle against corruption in governmental institutions.

[1] Here and further in text law-enforcement bodies are defined as category of responders, identified in the section 1.