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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago


Dear reader,
You are holding in your hands the report of independent non-governmental organization, which is devoted to the investigation of corruption in Kyrgyzstan. We will try to direct your attention on those problems, which require primary solution for decrease of corruption in the country. The issues of corruption sources in Kyrgyzstan, influence corruption and bribe-taking on the consciousness of our people, scales and spheres of corruption distribution in the government are covered by the report. You will get acquainted with the opinion of public about what the struggle against corruption should be started from, and what background of the nation-wide action program on corruption eradication in the government should be. Results of this investigation could become foundation for the next, more deep studies in the field of corruption.
Corruption in Kyrgyzstan/ Ilibezova E., Ilibezova L., Asanbaev N., Musakojaeva G. – Bishkek:2000.- 53 pages.