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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

1.3 Assessment Objectives

The pilot project was developed as a way of bringing the leaders of AOs, AK members and citizens together to plan, implement, manage and monitor local budgets. Through this project, the AOs were expected to become more responsive to the needs of the communities they serve and be transparent in their operations. In order to better assess the local needs, identify the Projects priorities and shape major issues related to the fiscal and political decentralization, a baseline study was carried out in two provinces of Kyrgyzstan during April and May of 2004.
After a year of operation in Kyrgyzstan, the pilot project was scheduled to undergo a mid-term assessment. The assessment objectives where identified as follows:
to develop and formulate the key performance indicators for assessing local governance in Kyrgyzstan. The performance indicators should be used to analyze the quality of the local budgets.
to conduct a field-based assessment of the pilot activity by using the performance indicators set in the selected AOs.
It is expected that results of the present assessment will be incorporated into WBs long-term strategy on the development of local governance in Kyrgyzstan. The existing M&E system and performance indicators set will be disseminated through wide networks to help assess the quality of the local budgetary processes.