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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

1.2 Pilot Project Introduction

Presently there are a number of development programs that implement projects in the sphere of decentralization. Actively applying social mobilization techniques, they help to solve the most important problems associated with the peoples changing mentality by giving the people tools for evaluating and identifying internal capacities and developing trust in their own strengths. In order to assist the Kyrgyz Government in overcoming governance challenges related to political and fiscal decentralization, the World Bank has engaged in pilot activity entitled Strengthen Local Governance and Accountability in ECA. The aim of the activity is directed towards conducting pilot activities on building a demand side for better government and strengthening citizen participation in governance process.
In the Kyrgyz Republic, the activity aims to improve local governance and accountability by:
- Building the capacities of AOs, AK and local communities in the budget process;
- Facilitating citizen participation in local self government budgetary decisions.
The desired outcome of the pilots is to provide AO governments with the skills needed to independently manage their finances and test different mechanisms that enable citizens to participate in local government decision making. The pilot works in 31 AOs of Issyk Ata (Chui Oblast) and Suzak (Jalalabad Oblast) districts. Pilot activities, which are mainly comprised of specialized trainings on budgetary issues, are aimed at AO financial staff, AK deputies, civil society representatives, village leaders, and citizens. The pilot is being implemented by a network of 31 regional capacity building specialists (CRS) who are managed by a national Project Coordinator.