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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

CAS Consultations and Outreach Plans

The CAS has been prepared based on extensive consultations with the Government, including a series of meetings with a wide range of Ministries in February 2003. In parallel, IDA also held consultations, chaired by the UN Coordinator, with about 44 civil society and private sector representatives (see Attachment 4). In addition, IDA conducted a client survey of 114 individuals in the Kyrgyz Republic familiar with IDA. These consultations and the client survey have been particularly important in emphasizing the need to continue to work on agriculture, energy and SME development, and to bring IDAs expertise to bear on natural disaster management, rural education, and governance. There was widespread agreement on the importance of placing the CAS in the context of the difficult debt situation. Finally, the importance of finding ways to increase trade and foreign investment was widely shared, although there was less clarity on what could be done to address this. These views have all helped to shape IDAs operations and ESW programs.
It is clear from both the client survey and the CAS consultations that IDA needs to increase its outreach activities. It is critical to the sustainability of IDA projects that the public in general understands the direct link between IDA funds, on-the-ground activities, and a reduction in poverty. An additional reason to increase outreach is the increasing activity of Parliament in the run up to the 2005 elections. One element in this will be for each task project or ESW to develop an outreach plan including the preparation of easy-to-understand information packages and to have each mission spend time discussing the issues outside of the Government or other donors. IDA will also seek to involve NGOs and other third parties in identifying appropriate indicators, and in some cases monitoring them. These outreach plans will be complemented by the recent establishment of a CDD Network in country, the on-going Small Grants Program, and the upcoming regional Innovation Day.