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5.1. Description

The State Forest Service (SFS) of the Kyrgyz Republic was organised in pursuance of the Presidents Decree from 25 November 2001 N342. SFS is the state agency for management, not included into the structure of the Kyrgyz Republic Government. KR SFS is a republican state organ for protection of environment of Kyrgyz Republic in the area of protection, usage and reproduction of objects of animal and plant life.
The main tasks imposed on SFS are:
- Implementation of a single policy and main directions in regeneration and rehabilitation, preservation, protection and rational utilisation of forests, animal and plant life, development of SPNT and preservation of biodiversity;
- State control enforcement for restoration, reproduction, protection, preservation and utilisation of forests, animal and plant life, development of SPNT and preservation of biodiversity.
Central Apparatus of SFS employs 27 persons and consists of:
- Department of forestry and forest and afforestation;
- Department of legal activity, state control, protection and preservation of forest;
- Sector of specially secured natural territories and preservation of biodiversity;
- Department of financial policy and accounting;
- Sector of organisational work, external communication and execution control.
There are about 7000 people working in the whole system of the State Forest Service. Among them with higher education 615; unfinished education 330; with medium-specialised 1950; with secondary 3535. Specialists of forest enterprises received their education at leading higher and specialised educational establishments of the Soviet Union, in such cities as: Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Voronez, Almaty and others.