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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

4.2. Forest Industry

Wood processing industry in the Republic is developed poorly, due to small size of storage of own timber suitable for industrial processing.
Many private woodworking shops are mainly producing consumer goods (doors, windows, furniture and other). There are also workshops producing in small amount expensive products from nutwood (parquet, doors, furniture and other). Nutwood is received as a result of sanitary fellings, fellings for forest hygienics.
In order to effectively utilise wood-working shop of forest enterprises of SFS, in 2002 there were 11 woodworking enterprise developed, with management independent on forest enterprise direction and interested more in undertaking effective marketing policy.
It is necessary to mention that there is a lack in advanced timber processing technologies in the country. Because of this, nutwood, valued worldwide, is not utilised in full amount, and very often is just exported as raw material and processed there.