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4.1. Forest Produce

Many melliferous plants grow in forests. These are arboreal, shrubby and grassy plants. Among them are Origanum, thyme, blooming sally, and raspberry. Among trees and shrubberies apple, barberry, acacia, Cherry-plum, hawthorn, karagana and others. Beekeeping is practised by many forest enterprises, and especially at enterprises from Jalal-Abad Oblast. Here are 14,4 thousand bee-families. In total, there are 16,9 thousand bee-families at SFS enterprises.
At the State Forest Fund as per 01.01.1998, at Kyrgyzstan there are fructiferous plantations: Circassian walnut 35 thousand ha, Pistachio 33,0 thousand ha, Apple 16,7 thousand ha, Mountain ash 0,8 thousand ha, Hawthorn 2,5 thousand ha, Sea-buckthorn 3,6 thousand ha, Apricot 1,0 thousand ha, Almond 1,6 thousand ha, Cherry-plum 0,4 thousand ha. Besides that, there are bushes of Raspberry and Blackberry, not included in records of the Forest Fund. There are in total at forests 58,8 thousand ha of fructiferous species. There are also mushrooms growing in forests. Their harvest depends significantly on amount of precipitation.
At high-yielding years at forests, especially at nuciferous, up to 3 thousand tons of Circassian walnut could be collected, up to 5 thousand tons of apple, cherry-plum, hawthorn, up to 30 tons of pistachio and almond.
Many from fruits and berries are used for processing to produce different food products and juices, from which especially valued barberry and sea-buckthorn. Apple juice is used in wine production. To process fruits at forest enterprises of Jalal-Abad Oblast there are three processing workshops.
Annually Republican forest enterprises store about 160 tons of medicinal raw material, which is provided to medical industry for production of medical products.
Forests are the main place of habitation for the most precious kinds of hunting fauna. Forest moors make 22,0% from all the hunting grounds of the country. At the SFF there are also hunting enterprises of Kyrgyz Hunting-Fishing Union functioning.