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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

3.5. Private and Community Forest Management

In accordance with the Constitutional stipulation on the right of private ownership on land in Kyrgyz Republic private forest lands are permitted on conditions of provision of land areas in private ownership for artificial growth of forest.
Land areas are provided into private ownership for the purpose of artificial afforestation from the content of non-used lands. Provision of land areas for these purposes from lands of State Forest Fund is forbidden.
The order of land area provision into private ownership for artificial growth of forest is done in compliance with the land legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
In pursuance of the Resolution of the Kyrgyz Republic N377 from 27 July 2001 On Community Based Forest Management, also a Decision of a Collegium of the Administration of President of Kyrgyz Republic N1 from 2 February 2002, the State Forest Service at forest enterprises of Kyrgyz Republic undertakes works on introduction of (a) community based forest management (CFM), (b) industrial silviculture of local importance, and (c) provision of local population with working places, (d) reduction of poverty and increase the level of living standards, (e) responsibility towards forest resources, (f) increase safety and regeneration of forests.
At the territory of the SFF of Kyrgyz Republic at present there determined lands useful for CFM at an area 44963 ha.
At present time lands were transferred to tenants (from local people and staff of forest enterprise) for CFM from the forest fund, the total area 21,02 ha, where 380 families are working (approximately 1140 people family members).
Commissions for CFM introduction, organised under forest enterprises, are considering 180 applications. Only during spring 2002 CFM tenants from forest enterprises have planted forest cultures at area 272 ha of SFF.