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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

3.3. Forest Usage

Forests play important role for development of economy and preservation of environment. They form a unified State Forest Fund, which includes lands covered by forest, and not covered by forest, but meant for needs of forest enterprise. Due to importance of protection function and paucity, forest in the Republic at present time are not used for large-scale timber production.
Annual amount of timber stored by forest enterprises is under 50 thousand cubic metres, which is within arrangements on looking after forest. Stored timber is processed in traditional way. Such amount of timber can not satisfy requirements of the country, which exceed storage in approximately 10 times.
Peculiarity of Kyrgyzstan is in natural nuciferous forests, rich in numerous timber and non-timber products. In spite of existence of certain processing capacities, they are not working due to the range of objective and subjective reasons.