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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

3.2. International Agreements

1. The Kyrgyz-Swiss Programme for support of forestry (Programme KYRLES) is working since 1995 on the basis of the Agreement, concluded between governments of Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan. The Programme is implemented by the Swiss organisation on development and co-operation Inter co-operation (IC).
2. In 1996 Republic of Kyrgyzstan ratified a Convention of Biological Diversity, based on which from 2000 it takes part in the Project of Global Ecology Fund / World Bank Preservation of Biodiversity of Western Tyan-Shan.
3. In 2001, the Republic ratified Ramsaar Convention.
4. Resolution of the KR Government On Approval of Agreement on Co-operation in the Sphere of Timber Industry and Forestry, signed at 11 September 1998 in Moscow from 11 September 2002, N620