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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

2.2. National Forest Programme

In accordance with the State Programme Les for 2001-2005 years, approved by the Resolution of the KR Government from 17 November 2001 715, a preservation and regeneration of forest resources is set up as one of priorities of economic, financial, ecological and social policy of the state, called to promote support to economic stability of forest sector.
Preservation and regeneration of forest resources is a long-term task, its solution is one of directions of the Comprehensive Development Framework of the Kyrgyz Republic till 2010.
Main prerequisites for the development of a forestry are: surmount economic crisis, deepened introduction of a forestry reform, forest products processing, general introduction of community based forest management (CFM), forests lease, training of foresters and development of conditions for economic growth.
National Programme Les was successfully implemented at 1995-200 years, approved by the KR Government Resolution from 28 November 1994 No842, all the tasks set up for the forest sector for that period were performed.
For implementation of the Kyrgyzstan Forestry Development Concept for the period till 2025, approved by the KR Government Resolution from 31 May 1999 No298, the State Forest Service of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of experience, analysis of previous programs, economic reforms in the country set up as its main objective adaptation of forestry sector to the modern market economy.
The State Programme Les for the period 2001-2005 years determines main ways and methods of development of the forestry sector in general.
It is necessary to search for new ways of forestry development, directed at effective preservation and restoration of forests under conditions when due to expensiveness of electric energy number of unauthorised fellings increased at natural forests and plantations along roads, windbelts, orchards and even parks; while budget financing for forest sector is decreasing from year to year. The State Forest Service undertakes e reform of forest sector across all the country within Kyrgyz-Swiss Support Program for forestry of Kyrgyzstan.
The principle of reforming the forest sector stipulates for continuous decentralisation of structural divisions, transformation of the number of authorities to forestries. A success of forest sector depends largely on introduction of reforms to a level of forest area, that is the main production unit for the forest sector. In connection with this, a forest ranger will be the central focus of a reform policy. Following this there will be bottom-up planning of forestry arrangements, based on real economic possibilities of subordinated enterprises.