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2.1. Sector of Specially Preserved Natural Territories (SPNT)

State Forest Service of the Kyrgyz Republic is an organ authorised to realise tasks on protection, maintenance and rational utilisation of forests, animal and plant life, development of SPNT and preservation of biodiversity.
Specially protected natural territories generate natural reserve fund of Kyrgyz Republic that is under a special protection of the state. Here included forests with different categories of protection status: state reserves, state natural national parks, package reserves, forest reserves. At the territory of forests, there are game-preserves and state preserves.
Total area of all the specially preserved territories of the natural reserve fund of the Republic is 858,93 thousand ha, or 4,3% from all its territory.
Reserve is a specially allocated territory, which has a special economic, scientific or cultural value; natural wealth of a reserve is used only for conducting scientific research in practical interests of a national enterprise. Territory of a reserve with all the present there forests and other objects of nature is the state reserve fund. Utilisation of this fund in other purposes can take place solely upon permission of the government.
The main tasks of a reserve are:
- Preservation of natural areas, most typical for a given geographical zone;
- Protection, regeneration and breeding of animals and plants, especially valuable scientifically and economically;
- Study of nature of a reserve;
- Record of natural resources.
State National Nature Park (SNNP) is a protected natural territory, where natural complexes have been preserved, almost not changed by a human activity, and types of plants and animals with their habitat have scientific and cognitive value. As a rule, SNNP have large area, located at picturesque surroundings. Here works on restoration of a landscape, preservation of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, etc are undertaken. Part of SNNP area is open for regulated visits with recreational, cognitive and cultural goals, unlike from reserves. Due to this, there is an intention to extend a network of national natural parks, as well as mountain villages, where forestry works and arrangements on development of hortensial and public green space landscape are planned. It is planned here to undertake sanitary forest fellings, collection of dead- and wind-fallen trees, forest recreation. Protection of rare relic, ornamental and economically valuable plants is planned, as well as plantation of forest-protection plants, forest parks and grasslands, formation of landscape groups, compositions and excursions at the main tourist routes.
At estimation of natural landscapes, designing forest parks the aesthetic and biology-ecological indicators of different types of landscapes and forest plants are taken as a basis. Beside that, a sanitary-hygienic estimation of a landscape is undertaken, considering a composition of plantations, phytoncides, smells, ion exchange, relief, moisture, and sanitary status. Viability of plantations is considered upon three classes: healthy, plantations with worse rate of development, and plantations with obvious signs of degradation, requiring cardinal measures on treatment.
With acquisition of independence in Kyrgyzstan a flow of tourists have significantly grown from near and far abroad countries.