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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

1.5. Forest Protection

The main negative factors, influencing on environmental and resource potential of the Republic are still forest fires, unauthorised felling, pests and forest diseases.
In accordance with the state program Les (Forest), protection of forests from fires, unauthorised felling and other violations is undertaken across all the territory of the SFF. In order to reduce intensity of forest fires, prevent their origin and distribution, prevent unauthorised fellings and other violations, - personnel of the State Forest Protection and forest enterprises of the Republic undertake annually significant amount of forest protection works, starting from prophylactic arrangements to a direct struggle with their implications. There are fire precaution measures: construction of firefighting roads, bridges, mineralised lines.
Protection of forests from fires and forest violations is undertaken at the entire area of the State Forest Fund. The State Forest Protection conducted works on prevention of forest fires (duties, regular detours to find out hearth of inflammation), patrolling of a territory to prevent, reveal, and suppress violations of fire safety rules. During fire risk period, additional forest fire warden strengthens the State forest protection. In fire prevention, main arrangement is a an establishment of a system of fire barriers, limiting fire spread in a forest, including firefighting roads surfacing and their repair, bridges and mineralised lines. Decisions and operative plans on mobilisation of means and forces to extinguish a forest fire are agreed with local Raion Administrations. In the number of arrangements on fire prevention works included an act on mass explanation to population through radio, television, lectures and meetings. Information boards and panel are fixed at public places, settlements, at roads, leading to forests, in forests. Fire fighting teams are generated from personnel. The teams are provided by a special uniform and special means for fighting.
The State Forest Protection undertakes arrangements on prevention of forest violations, for this purpose special teams are developed to ensure timely reaction to signals about forest violations. Actions are agreed with local organs of interior office.
Sanitary condition of the forests of the Republic has deteriorated during last years. So, gipsy moth is malicious vermin at nuciferous forests at 2003, spreading at an area of 20,0 thousand ha, plum false shield-fern 10,0 thousand ha, pistachio moth 0,7 thousand ha, slimy saw-fly 4,6 thousand ha, juniper moth 20,0 thousand ha, and others.
Besides that, Silver Fir of Semenov is damaged at the area of 230 ha by Cenangi cancer at the territory of Aflatunskyi Leshoz; Tyan-Shan Fir at Kara-Kulga Leshoz at the area of 650 ha is damaged by motley nucleus rot or fur sponge.
To undertake forest protection arrangements it is necessary to involve significant amount of means. These include acquisition newest technologies, pesticides, and combustive-lubricating materials, rent of planes etc.
With purposeful refuse from expensive pesticides main attention is paid to introduction of biological preparation into production, the only one in CIS a Station for Forest Protection is developing a virus preparation Virin-Ansh, which is used for biological treatment of gipsy moth.
A mechanical collection of gipsy moth oviposition is one of the main actions against nidus of gipsy moth. There were collected during 2002 1538 kg of oviposition; area of 18,0 thousand ha was treated by the biological preparation Virin-Ansh; entomophagues are produced at area 4,0 thousand ha. At area infected by plum false shield-fern sanitary fellings are undertaken. In fir- and silver fir-groves sanitary fellings are also conducted, in order to prevent infection among healthy plantations.