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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

1.4. Property Forests

Forests of the Republic form a Unified State Forest Fund (SFF), which includes lands, covered with forest, and lands not covered with forest, but assigned for needs of agriculture.
General area of SFF lands as per 1.01.1998 is 3163, 2 thousand ha, area covered with forest 849,5 thousand ha, which makes 4,25 percent of forestland of Republic.
The main owner of the Forest Fund is the State Forest Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, with 2833,6 thousand ha of SFF lands under its jurisdiction, which makes 14,2% of the general territory of the Republic, including an area covered with forest 769,5 thousand ha. Reserved Fund, included into records of the Forest Fund, makes 236,2 thousand ha; an area, covered with forest 20,3 thousand ha, forests under jurisdiction of the Administrative Department of the President make 3,6 thousand ha, including an area, covered with forest 1,3 thousand ha. Former forests of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources cover a territory of 66,6 thousand ha, including an area covered with forest 42,6 thousand ha. Forests of the former collective farms (Kolkhoses) make 23 thousand ha, including an area covered with forest is 13,6 thousand ha. Urban forests make 0,2 thousand ha, an area covered with forest 0,2 thousand ha.
To maintain forestry activity in the Republic there are forestries, state natural national parks, state reserves.
Percentage of forestland across Oblasts of the Republic is following: Chui Oblast 1,9%; Talas 3,0%; Issyk-Kul 2,2%; Naryn 2,3%; Jalal-Abad 9,8%; Osh 5,3%; Batken 6,9%.