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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

Capacity Building

The World Bank Institute (WBI) is providing support to Central Asia, which is one of the priority subregions for WBI in the ECA region. Over the past few years, WBI has enhanced its capacity building and training programs in the Kyrgyz Republic and has intensified its activities to facilitate and strengthen the process of preparing the National Poverty Reduction Strategy through a variety of workshops and seminars.
Looking towards the future, WBI will continue to provide training support related to key issues of implementation of the NPRS, including the delivery of an Attacking Poverty course in June 2003 focusing on monitoring and evaluation of the NPRS by civil society and parliamentarians. In addition WBI will organize a three country researcher workshop in Issyk Kul in July 2003 and will continue to focus its training and course offerings towards key issues in implementing the NPRS. Rural poverty issues will be addressed in a training course on rural policies and institutions in transition, covering issues such as trade, finance and farm restructuring.
WBI will also support key elements of the CAS. In particular, WBI will undertake and implement comprehensive outreach and training in support of the growing CDD focus of the Kyrgyz Republic. This will include organizing a Knowledge Forum around CDD, a workshop on CDD for NGOs and civil society participants at the Central Asia Innovation Day to be held in May 2003 in the Kyrgyz Republic, and a regional distance learning seminar on citizen participation. WBI has also initiated a Capacity Building Community Empowerment Network (CEN) to build local capacity through both distance networking and regional workshops. In support of the proposed Health and Social Protection Sector Wide Approach, WBI will provide training and distance learning opportunities on safety nets and pension reform. Gender issues will be addressed in a regional course on gender equality and good governance. In the area of private sector development, distance learning activities and training at the Joint Vienna Institute on corporate governance are planned.
WBI is also participating in the Central Asia Knowledge Sharing Initiative (CAKSI) designed to utilized distance learning and other knowledge extension tools to facilitate global best practices in key areas, as well as knowledge sharing within Central Asia. CAKSI has three components: creation of physical infrastructure, design and development of critical content, and building capacity for distance learning. It will target both high level policy makers, as well as civil society and private sector participants.