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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

IDAs Economic and Sector Work

IDAs economic and sector work aims to strengthen the NPRS, underpin IDA projects, and provide important policy advice. As indicated in the FY02 CAS Progress Report, last year was a time of rebuilding our knowledge base. As input into the NPRS and the CAS, IDA prepared a Poverty Assessment (PA), a Public Expenditure Review (PER), a Country Financial Accountability Assessment (CFAA), a Country Procurement Assessment (CPAR), a joint Bank/IMF Financial Sector Assessment Paper (FSAP), and a strategic review of pension policy options. IDA expects to complete all of these products in FY03.
IDA intends to build on this strengthened knowledge base, follow-up on core diagnostic work (see Table 6) and deepen its analytic work in key areas. A central element is to consolidate all of the above sector work, as well as a FY04 agriculture sector policy, into a Development Policy Review (DPR) in early FY05, which will underpin the preparation of the PRSC. In addition, IDA will maintain a continuous dialogue on social protection, poverty, and PER/Governance. To complement the latter IDA will prepare a local governance and anti-corruption strategy. IDA has also begun work in FY03 on an IDF grant to help strengthen capacity in the judicial institutions, and in FY04 will launch IDF grants for procurement, financial accountability, and possibly to facilitate transparency in the mining sector. IDA also plans to complete a Trade Diagnostic Study and an Investment Climate Review in FY04, and an Irrigation Review and a Livestock Study in FY05.
Table 6: Core Diagnostic Economic and Sector Work
Expected Completion Date
Follow Up
Poverty Assessment
Annual Dialogue, GTAC, PRSP Grant
Public Expenditure Review
Annual PER Dialogue and MTEF
Country Procurement Assessment Report
IDF Grant on Procurement Training, GSAC/GTAC
Country Financial Accountability Assessment
IDF Grant on Financial Accountability, GSAC/GTAC
CEM/Development Policy Review