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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

III. The National Poverty Reduction Strategy

The Kyrgyz Republic participated as a pilot in the Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) and prepared an inclusive ten-year Comprehensive Development Framework for 2001-2010 which provides the broad vision and directions of its development path. The National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NPRS) seeks to translate this vision into concrete measures and programs to be implemented during an initial three year period.
The transition from the CDF, to the Interim-PRSP, to the preparation of the full NPRS has been helped by the strong support from the President and the establishment of a CDF Secretariat attached to the Office of the President to coordinate activity in this area. In January, 2002, the President set out the broad framework and working groups charged with preparing the full NPRS. A draft of the full NPRS was discussed extensively with donors and civil society, including during a Consultative Group (CG) Meeting in October, 2002. All of these activities and products have been prepared in a highly participatory way. The NPRS was finalized in December 2002 and was discussed by the Boards of IDA and the IMF in February, 2003.