: / Strategies / Comprehensive Development Framework for the Kyrgyz Republic (2001)

Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago


This Report has been in the making for two years. It is the product of the efforts of many people, many meetings and much discussion. I believe that this report now reflects the wishes of the great majority of the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic - the wish to better their lives as individuals and as a community.
For the most part, this wish is based on very simple desires:
We must live better - we should have no poor people.
We need material security, jobs and opportunities for self-improvement.
We need fair and effective laws and institutions.
We need to preserve the beauty, purity and bounty of our country.
We need to be able to care for those in our society who cannot do so themselves.
We also need to raise the living standards of those who live in isolated and remote areas of our country.
We want to find peaceful coexistence with our neighbors and other nations.
We want to be proud of our nation.
I fully support such desires, for they are my desires too but, simple as they may be, their realization will not be an easy task. Nevertheless, it must be undertaken.
These ideas form the background for the National Vision and the National Objectives that are the starting point of the analysis of this Report. What we must do in order to attain this Vision and these Objectives is its substance.
As a people we can - we must - work together to renew our nation and to create the foundations for better lives for ourselves and for the generations that will follow us.
29 May, 2001
Askar Akaev