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Âû çäåñü: ÑÒÀÒÜÈ / Strategies / National Poverty Reduction Strategy (2003-2005)

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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago


    A large contribution to development and implementation of the CDF/NPRS was made by a number of events held at the nation level.  These included the National Assembly on Discussion and Approval of the CDF (May, 2001), the National Forum on “The Role of Social Mobilization and Micro-Financing in Poverty Alleviation”, the National Forum on “Poverty Alleviation: the People’s Initiative and Responsibilities of the Authorities”, the National Forum on “The Role of Science, Education and Culture in Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions of the Kyrgyz Republic”, and the National Forum on “Education for Everybody”.  The “Concept of Development of Education in the Kyrgyz Republic till 2010”, congresses of judges and congresses of advocates, the International Forum on Tourism, the National Summit on Information Technologies, the people’s forum “Peace and Concord in the Society – the Basis for Poverty Alleviation and Ensuring Well-Being of Everyone” organized by the People’s Assembly of Kyrgyzstan, three nation-wide Round Tables on “Interaction and Mutual Cooperation in the Name of Kyrgyzstan” conducted in the second half of 2001 and 2002, as well as a number of other events of the national importance.
    An important stage for further development of governance democratization were people’s kurultais held in the autumn of 2001 in villages, cities and rayons of the Republic that were attended by more than 90 thousand delegates selected at gatherings and meetings of citizens conducted at the places of their residence and work.  These people’s forums actively engaged local population in managing local communities and to fully employ the principles of accountability of local authorities to them. 
    In February-March of 2002, the problems of sustainable development and measures for poverty alleviation were discussed in all aiyl-okmotu (local communities) at village gatherings, as well as at the meetings in all cities, at regional kurultais in all oblasts and in the capital, Bishkek City. 
A number of republican scientific and applied conferences and meetings have been conducted on problems and prospects of development of rural entrepreneurship, education, judicial system reforms, administrative reform and development of local self-governance, deepening and development of a real democracy in Kyrgyzstan.
     Representative international seminars, round tables, meetings and workshops were conducted in the context of an open, equal partnership dialogue with the support of international financial organizations, including:
·         Two summits on attraction of foreign investments (July of 2001, July of 2002).
·         The seminar on streamlining of the budget process and tax policy.
·         The seminar on development of mining industry.
·         The two-day seminar with newly elected heads of aiyl-okmotu and towns of rayon subordination “On Development of Local Self-Governance within the Framework of Implementation of the CDF”.
·         A series of television debates organized by NGOs at the national TV channel “Jashtar Unu” (“The Voice of Youth”) dedicated to participation, the role and place of youth of Kyrgyzstan in implementation of the Strategy on Comprehensive Development Framework of Kyrgyzstan till 2010.
·         The international scientific and applied seminar “Development of Business Education and Market Needs”, which considered the issues of internationalization of the educational process under the conditions of globalization, introduction of information technologies into education, perspectives of the Comprehensive Development Framework of Kyrgyzstan till 2010.
·         The round table conducted by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Committee on the Budget and Finances of the Legislative Assembly of the Kyrgyz Republic “Issues of Micro-Financing in Kyrgyzstan” dedicated to discussions of the draft law on micro-financing organizations.
·         Parliamentarian hearings in the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on the concept of education reforms.
·         The round table “Women’s Rights to Property” initiated by the Congress of Women of Kyrgyzstan, Swedish non-government organization “Swedsurvey”, UNDP, Swiss Coordination Bureau.
·         The national round table of volunteers dedicated to the International Day of Youth Movement, where they exchanged opinions on implementation of the CDF and the NPRS, development of youth volunteer movement in Kyrgyzstan, issues on improvement of the interaction with government and other structures on social mobilization.
·         The round table to discuss the measures connected with integration of efforts of government agencies, NGOs and international organizations aimed at development of the social sphere and poverty alleviation.
·         A series of meetings, round tables and workshops on gender policy organized with the support of the UNDP and other international organizations.
·         A series of round tables on attraction of foreign investments with participation of the members of the Steering Council on Foreign Investments, educational workshops on the subject “How to Improve Investment Attractiveness of Regions of the Republic” organized by the Secretariat of the Special Representative of the President of Kyrgyzstan on attraction of investments.
·         A series of meetings and round tables to discuss the problems connected with organization of participatory implementation of the CDF /NPRS organized in all regions of the republic by the Association of NGOs and NCO, other non-government organizations.
·         Round tables and workshops on the issues of environment conservation, ecology and safe development organized with the support of the World Bank, Asian Development Bank. 
    The National CDF Coordinator and the CDF Secretariat conduct regular consultations and meetings with representatives of the donors’ community, heads and members of the working experts groups on improvement of the NPRS where they discuss the current and perspective issues related to coordination of the efforts of donors and national participants of the CDF /NPRS implementation.
    A series of workshops has been organized, including the following:
·         “IBM Technologies in Implementation of the Comprehensive Development Framework of the Kyrgyz Republic to year 2010 and the National Strategy for Poverty Reduction (NPRS)” with participation of representatives of the leader of the IT market - IBM Corporation and its local partner – “Shinrai” company.
·         Training courses “Poverty Analysis and Monitoring” conducted jointly with the World Bank Institute Center of Social and Economic Studies in Kyrgyzstan (CASE – Kyrgyzstan), National Statistical Committee, attended by representatives from all regions of Kyrgyzstan, who directly participate in preparation of the full version of the NPRS.
·         A practical workshop on the use of monitoring technologies in the process of implementation of the CDF/NPRS, with the financial, technical and informational support of the UNDP representative office in Kyrgyzstan.
·         A number of meetings with university representatives, young scientists, teachers and students, where they discussed concrete directions of possible participation in implementation of the CDF till 2010 and additional work on the NPRS.
·         The consultative meeting of the heads and members of experts’ groups “National Strategy for Poverty Reduction: Priorities, Implementation Mechanisms, Financing, Expected Output” with participation of the heads of coordination committees, representatives of the civil society and donor organizations conducted with the support of the World Bank.
·         The consultative meeting with members of the Government, heads and members of working experts’ groups, representatives of donor organizations on new methodologies and information technologies used when preparing and implementing the CDF /NPRS.
In June 2002, in all oblasts and Bishkek City, the CDF Secretariat conducted meetings with wide participation of representatives of government structures, NGOs, private sector, members of regional working groups to discuss the measures adopted for implementation of the CDF, as well as the progress of preparation of the full version of the NPRS. 
    An important contribution in preparation and implementation of the CDF/NPRS is made by mass media.  The results of the contest among journalists and authors for the best coverage of the topics of the Comprehensive Development Framework of the Kyrgyz Republic till 2010 and the NPRS have been summarized and awards have been given to the winners.  Pursuant to the resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic the Creative Council and the Contest Commission considered the submitted published or broadcasted materials.  According to the decision made, diplomas and rewards of different values have been awarded to 28 authors.  Incentive awards have been given to 26 authors and journalists. 
    The Government of  the Kyrgyz Republic again announced the contest on the best coverage of the progress of implementation of the Comprehensive Development Framework of the Kyrgyz Republic for the period till 2010 and the National Strategy for Poverty Reduction.  With the  support of the Foundation named after Ebert the Press Service of the Government has conducted regional seminars for journalists and NGOs “The Role and Possibilities of Local Mass Media in Implementation of the CDF and the NPRS Objectives” in the Batken, Jalal-Abad, Naryn, Issyk-Kul, Talas, Osh oblasts.  These seminars have been also attended by representatives from a number of ministries, departments, local state administrations.