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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

7. Prevention of Social Conflicts

641. Problems with the difficult socio-economic situation of a significant part of the population and disproportions in regional development, promote growth of discontent and an increase in the number of those supporting radial public and political movements within the country. These may result in, and lead to the appearance of, extreme forms of social and political activity, and eventually to the possibility of escalation of social conflicts. During the recent years, the number of social conflicts in the country has increased significantly. Some of these involve large groups of the population in their own areas of activity, creating economic problems, as well as problems of security of citizens both at the local and national levels. The existing positive work experience on monitoring, analysis and early prevention of conflicts under the project Preventive Development is limited to the Batken oblast only. However, the threat of interethnic conflicts, especially in the south of the country, still remains to be high.
At the same time, the authorities lack proper training, technologies and means to prevent and resolve social conflicts. The system of monitoring, analysis and prevention of social risks, special resources for resolution and action plans within the framework of developing social conflicts, as well as qualified specialists to carry out such work, are missing. Detailed mechanisms and procedures of a social dialogue have not been formed.
642. In this connection, there is an acute need to form a nationwide system of monitoring, prevention and resolution of social conflicts. Such systems envisage:
Establishment of a nationwide monitoring network in a format and within the geographic information system.
Development of a methodology for the evaluation of social risks and creation of analytical command instructions to analyze and project social situation developments.
Drafting of necessary legislation on the formation of a sufficient legal framework for prevention and resolution of social conflicts.
Establishment of specialized direct-action structures, specially prepared and provided for resolution of social conflicts.
Formation of a stock of resources for the effective elimination of reasons that result in social conflict.
Conducting an information program aimed at supporting social stability and optimism, positive psychological impact.
Coordination when attracting resources of international organizations for prevention and resolution of social conflicts.
It is intended to establish the Center World Free of Extremism under the Academy of the Ministry of Interior of the Kyrgyz Republic to study conflict management and provide training in conflict prevention methods.
643. Financing needed for such a system cannot be provided only from the budget. It is necessary to attract technical and grant-based assistance within the framework of international cooperation on prevention and localization of social and other conflicts at regional and inter-regional levels. As a result of implementation of such a package of measures, there would be the possibility of conducting timely analysis and detecting the risks of social conflicts and taking preventive measures for their elimination, as well as establishment of effective mechanisms for resolution of social conflicts and minimization of their impact on the economy and security of the nation, society and the individual.