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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

6. Strengthening the System of Personal and Property Security of the Citizens

636. Law enforcement bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as social protection bodies have taken measures to ensure internal security of the state, personal and property security of the citizens, to enforce the rule of law, protect citizens rights and freedoms, and to ensure the observance of state and financial discipline by officials. The number of crimes registered during the past period of 2002 has decreased by 9.5 percent as compared to the corresponding period for 2001. In recent years, organizational and practical measures have been taken to increase the role of procuracy supervision in strengthening the rule of law and crime control. The Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic on Measures to Improve Procuracy Supervision and Further Assertion of the Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic, approved the coordination of activities of law-enforcement bodies. One of the priority directions was protection of the rights of small and medium business enterprises. Supervision over the investigation of criminal cases by public prosecution bodies and other law-enforcement organizations has been strengthened, procedures have been established over investigation, protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of the individual involved in criminal proceedings, and protection of citizens from criminal offence.
637. Implementation of the State Program on Improvement of Protection and Conditions of Labor, ensuring protection of workers life and health for 2002-2005 has been started. The number of injured workers per 1,000 workers during the last three years decreased from 0.6 per 1,000 workers in 1999 to 0.4 in 2001. At the same time, the number of deceased remained constant at the level of 0.1 per 1,000 workers. The State Labor Inspectorate has examined and inspected about 2.8 thousand enterprises and organizations, in the process of which it identified about 15,200 infringements of labor legislation, investigated 173 groups, severe and fatal accidents. Delayed salaries, other types of payments and compensations for labor injuries have been paid out for a total amount of 14 million soms. Fine sanctions have been imposed on offenders for the amount of 447,000 soms. The level of traffic accidents still remains high.
638. However, the existing system of ensuring citizens personal and property security does not ensure fulfillment of its tasks in full. The problems and major reasons are the following:

ineffective work of law-enforcement bodies;

a low level of analysis and prevention of threats to the security of citizens;

a low level of state and legislative discipline in management;

a high level of technogenic threats to security of the individual;

lack of mechanisms of active social participation in law-enforcement activities;

flaws in legislation, weak systems of court proceedings and legal profession; and

inferior legal framework, in particular in the area of regulation of property and labor relationships.

In the period ahead, there will be radical reform in the area of personal and property security of citizens.
639. A major priority will be the establishment of an effective system of legislative, organizational, civilian and other mechanisms ensuring risk reduction, effective monitoring, prevention and response to threats to citizens security. For these purposes it is proposed:

Implement reform of law-enforcement instrumentalities, the judicial system, organs of interior affairs, prosecution bodies and the bar, in order to make significant efforts to strengthen their material and technical bases, establish effective structures, introduce modern technologies in their activities and upgrade professional skills of their staff.

Improve and develop the legal framework, establishing landmark regulations and legislation governing the activities of law enforcement bodies and creating the necessary conditions for combating crime.

Measures to strengthen supervision over enforcement of legislation in the social sphere, to execute continuous control over enforcement of legislation on timely payment of salaries, pensions, benefits and other welfare payments, as well as timely and complete payment of contributions to the Social Fund by economic agents, and the purposeful use of the resources of the Social Fund.

Measures to significantly increase the level of law culture and education of the population, ensure active social participation in law enforcement activities and control over activities of law enforcement bodies, establish a system of protection for infringed citizens social rights and freedoms, especially for poor and weakly protected strata of the population.

Develop social partnerships in social and labor relations among executive bodies, employers, trade unions and other non-governmental organizations.

Implementation of reforms in the sphere of ensuring citizens personal and property security will require significant financial and other resources. In particular, there will be a great need for technical assistance.
640. It is planned to implement the following important measures aimed at improved security and protection of citizens:

Introduce an effective system of response to offences by law enforcement bodies.

Draft and approve a new Criminal Procedure Code and Labor Code, laws On Labor Protection, On Mandatory Social Insurance from Production Accidents and Occupational Disease (workmens compensation insurance), On Social Partnership.

Establish an effective system of crime prevention and protection, reduction in the level of juvenile and adolescent crime, ensure development of the Center of Juvenile Justice under the Academy of the Ministry of Interior of the Kyrgyz Republic, and establishment of centers for adaptation and work with juveniles in oblast centers.

Broadly introduce programs for ensuring personal security in the educational system.