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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

3. Fighting Terrorism and Religious Extremism

621. International terrorism and religious extremism are real and significant threats to Kyrgyzstan. There is still a risk of external invasion of terrorist groups from northern areas of Afghanistan. Activities of the radical Islamic party Hizbut-Tahrir are gaining momentum.
One of the priority directions will be broadening and development of military-and-technical cooperation of Kyrgyzstan with other states, active participation in international and religious organizations ensuring collective security and joint efforts to fight international terrorism and religious extremism. Serious attention will be paid to anti-terrorist information, organization of TV and radio programs, and publication of literature for the purpose of regulating religious influence on younger generations. Anti-radical information will be dissemination with the assistance of the Religious Department of Moslems of Kyrgyzstan, where a special unit has been established to prevent penetration of religious extremism in the Moslem community of the nation, in partnership with non-government organizations.
622. A principally new system of defense and security that meets strategic objectives and countrys capacity, must to be created in the Republic.
623. Resources for implementation of this work will be attracted both from the national budget and from international organizations and donors assistance within the framework of joint actions on strengthening regional security, fighting international terrorism, religious extremism and drug trafficking.