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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

2. Improving and Ensuring National Security

616. The scale and diversity of obvious and concealed threats to national security require significant strengthening of relevant services. The Republic has a long borderline with complicated natural conditions that is being practically reestablished anew. Organization of border control requires significant strengthening. The National Security Service (NSS) has to deal with the internationalization of criminal groups and action patterns. Their forms and methods of operation are changing dramatically and have become more complex.
617. A major problem is insufficient capacity for the early detection of threats to security and informational and analytical support for such a work. There is no law that could define the procedures of state administrative bodies to ensure the national security of a democratic state. There are problems with staff training.
618. Thus, a key objective for the period ahead will be ensuring national security, capacity building of existing government entities through the introduction of modern technology by technical upgrading and effective adaptation of international structures and forms of work.
619. The Law on National Security should be developed in order to strengthen national security and improve its effectiveness.
620. The Kyrgyz Republic will continue to participate actively in fulfillment of commitments undertaken under multilateral and bilateral agreements on ensuring collective security, fighting against international terrorism and extremism, and drug trafficking.