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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

B. Integration of the Disabled into Society

193. There are currently nearly 114,000 disabled citizens in the Republic. The main causes of the growing number of disabled people include a general decline in living standards, deteriorating ecology, inadequate labor environment, increased traumatism, lack of adequate living conditions and unhealthy life styles. A network of state houses for elderly and handicapped citizens exists in the Republic. Recent measures in this sphere include establishment of Presidential Council on affairs of disabled citizens and approval of the National Program for State Support of the Disabled. The Danish and British organizations, Save the Children Fund, Know-How Fund, Russian-European Foundation, Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation, and the Counterpart Consortium have assisted in the establishment of five rehabilitation centers in Bishkek and the Chui region.
194. The main issues in the provision of effective social assistance to the disabled include:
inadequate realization of measures for social and labor rehabilitation;
ensuring access of the disabled to public facilities;
provision of vocational training;  
reservation or special employment of the disabled;  
state support of enterprises that provide employment for the disabled;
inadequate supply of wheel chairs.
195. The following priorities and their implementation mechanisms should be targeted in order to develop the livelihood of the disabled:
Establish quotas for employment of the disabled by state enterprises and agencies.
Establish a system of state procurement of goods produced by enterprises employing the disabled.
Design buildings and facilities with consideration of the disabled citizens needs.
Develop system for rehabilitation of the disabled, which would include training of labor therapists in socio-medical and professional rehabilitation of the disabled.
Expand production and procurement of technical facilities and devices facilitating life of the disabled.
Address the issue of public transportation accessible for the disabled.
Ensure access of the disabled to the public and cultural life of the country, sports, and education for their comprehensive integration into the society.
Integrate handicapped children into public schools through the establishment of special classes.