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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago


Nearly half of the Kyrgyz Republics population is classified as poor.[1] Poverty is the main obstacle in the way of the nations dynamic development. Poverty keeps many citizens in penury and prevents them from providing for their own support. Still inadequate are the economic, social and public conditions that would help people to build a better life and the basis for the future of their children, families and the nation as a whole.
Poverty, caused by political, social and infrastructural factors, impairs and limits the exercise of human rights declared in the Constitution of Kyrgyz Republic and by international agreements supported by the Republic. This is evidenced by inadequate access to the development and implementation of strategic reforms, law making process, management of the State and access to objective information. Effective mechanisms for dialogue and feedback between state instrumentalities and the community has yet to be developed.
Access by the poor to the education, health, utilities, communications and energy is inadequate. The poorer strata of the population have difficulty in obtaining financial and material resources. Much of the population, especially residents of rural areas, lacks access to clean drinking water and irrigation water. The situation of the poor is aggravated by unemployment, difficulties with finding job, insufficient social assistance and infringement of rights on regional and gender bases.
Citizens rights are often violated because of incompetent public administration. Corruption of state officials at all levels has reached a considerable degree. Not surprisingly, these have led to a decline in community confidence in state authorities, emergence of a pessimistic attitude and the consequent growth of social tension.
All these factors hinder progress of reforms and require immediate action. For this reason, achievement of political and social well being, the economic prosperity of the people of Kyrgyzstan, together with freedom, human dignity and equal opportunities for all, was declared as the overarching goal of the Comprehensive Development Framework of Kyrgyz Republic to year 2010 (CDF). CDF, is a strategic program articulating the national development vision and outlining the principles, priorities, and resources necessary for the countrys long-term development. Halving poverty by year 2010 is the main target of the strategy. This task will be undertaken by attacking basic poverty factors with a range of specific measures.
The National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NPRS) if the first step in CDF implementation. The Strategy elaborates a set of specific actions - programs, projects, and studies - for the medium-term period up to the year 2005. Each of these measures has been assessed in terms of inputs, implementation mechanisms and timeframe, as well as executing parties, and indicators for progress monitoring. A system and mechanisms for ensuring quality management, coordination of all activities and effective monitoring and evaluation, have been built into the Strategy. All national resources will concentrate on the implementation of activities in the fight against poverty and for achievement of objective results on macro and micro levels, in order to foster peoples initiative so that all citizens of Kyrgyzstan can benefit from reforms. The activities will be implemented on the basis of the principles of partnership and participation of the State, the private sector, and civil society.
Taking into account the strategic design of CDF and NPRS, the Republic welcomes the decisions of the donor community to reorient country assistance programs on reduction of poverty, strengthen cooperation, and enhance partnership in strengthening the impact of joint projects. The approaches described in CDF and NPRS have already brought about significant positive changes.[2]
Through the determined efforts of all citizens of Kyrgyz Republic, the successful implementation of the activities provided for in NPRS will produce the conditions necessary for a major breakthrough in priority reform areas to provide for better life for each citizen. This, in turn, this will help transform Kyrgyzstan into a dynamic and progressive state that will harmoniously integrate into the positive global processes.

[1] See section Scale of Poverty.
[2] See Chapter II, section From Strategy to Actions