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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[27.06.2OO2] A spirit of Uzbek autonomy in the South of Kyrgyzstan. O.Jusupov

Recently ethnic Uzbeks began to declare themselves by using an opportunity of domestic political tension. The authorities, which are sighting in the White House Fattahov and Zhuraev only, do not pay special attention to this...
If we consider, that many Russians leave our republic, then the Uzbek population is the second largest place after Kyrgyz.
Ordinary Uzbeks never take part in mass meetings both in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
It is obviously that prosperous Uzbeks who have coordinated their actions to Tashkent stir up trouble". The slogan " Kyrgyzstan is our common home" allows them to set the requirements. It is time to recognize that the Akaevs slogan was empty talk before presidential elections.
Should we give priority to Uzbeks? Precisely for appointment of Tanaev at a post of the prime minister has aggravated a national problem. Thanks God, there is no division of people according to their nations in Kyrgyzstan. We have not put (as our Uzbek neighbors) "assimilation in passports. Everyone has the right to specify the nationality in the passport. Not only Uzbeks in the south, but also Issyk-Kul Kalmaks openly put the nationality in passports. In Uzbekistan hundred thousand Kyrgyz people become Uzbeks in compulsory order. But we have a loyal policy for a long time. Thank to God, in Osh there are the Kyrgyz-Uzbek University, the Uzbek Drama Theatre. In the regional there are Uzbek newspapers, radio, TV. Restaurants, cafes - bars, dining rooms and other shops belong to Uzbeks. There are finishing the construction of the Uzbek center. In Jalal-Abad Uzbeks possess private university, a brick-plant, Arslanbob natural park, "BatyrAvia" businessman - Uzbek K.Batyrov and others things. Palaces of a building "Madumar-Ata" too belong to Uzbeks. Ethnic Uzbeks verify their watches with Tashkent.
A.Sabirov, D.Sabirov, B.Zhuraev, Kochkorov, Mirsaidov sit in Jogorku Kenesh. We dot on Professors Akramov and Mirrahimov, sportsman O.Nazarov in spite of their nationality.
There are rumors that Uzbeks want to head either Osh, or Jalal-Abad. Proverb says about current situation: " The guest manages a bad home
Kyrgyz Ordo, June 27, 2002

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