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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[29.01.2OO3] Young and Unemployed

Employment and placement services are most concerned with unemployed youth phenomenon. Rural young people are generally much more passive compared to the ones from the city. Having graduated from high school, many girls and boys dont really strive for higher education. Some, through Ayil Okmotu, apply to employment services and are offered vacancies or professional courses. Some are blindly rushing to Bishkek. According to A. Idrisov, director of Republican Youth Labor Market (RYLM), over 60% of those who turn to RYLM are young people from the Chui oblast. Bishkek youth, though it generally has higher education, still is not guaranteed a job. Idrisov stated that unfortunately RYLM manages to help only 50% of the applicants, and it is more difficult to find a job if you are a girl. A lot depends on what sort of vacancy the unemployed is searching for and on expectations. As a rule, prestigious organizations dont hire young people right away. There are vaccines in construction, sale, services and baking. And even in these areas employers prefer to hire people with some work experience
Officially there are 80 thousand unemployed registered in Kyrgyzstan, but if fact there are many more
Kyrgyzstan in Moskosvskyi Komsomolets, January 29, 2003

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