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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[11.04.23] The British Government Allocated $50 Thousand: Water Resource Management Project between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

The project will be implemented in cooperation the OCSE and the UN. The objective of this 1-year undertaking is to create a Kyrgyz-Kazakh commission on the border water resources of the Chui and the Talas rivers and promote regional cooperation between the two countries.
D.Sharp, Ambassador of Great Britain to Kazakhstan pointed out that water is a key resource for both Kazakhstan and the whole Central Asia region. He believes that the project will be a success and become a model in tackling similar problems throughout the region.
British Embassy representatives also noted the British government pays special attention to management of water resources in the region. Thus, last year it allocated 1,5 mln dollars for water resource management projects at the Nur and the Ishim rivers.
"Panorama", April 11, 2003

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