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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

Some electors of Kemin constituency continue to insist recalling parliamentarian Aidar Akaev

Electors of the Kemin constituency continue to insist recalling deputy of the Kyrgyz parliament Aidar Akaev. Chairman of the communists party of Chui Region Anash Seitkaziev and member of the political council of Asaba party Derbishaly Sadygaliev told at a press conference. They informed that a year passed since election of Aidar Akaev to deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh but people of Kemin Region insist to reelect their deputy because of his absence at sessions of the parliament. In A.Seitkazievs words, there are about 38 thousand residents in Kemin Region. They need in election of a new deputy, who will be protected and represented interests of people on legal ground. We have already addressed to the parliament and waiting the answer, - told participants of the press conference. According to them, it is necessary to unseat A.Akaev and carry out new parliamentary elections in this constituency. It is necessary to note that the ex-presidents son has left the country after March 24, 2005 despite he is deputy of the parliament. /Kabar/

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