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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[28.03.2OO2] Parliament supports the government in the case about bloodshed

Fifty-five deputies of parliament signed on 27 March an appeal to the nation asking not to be misled by some intriguers disturbing people and forcing tensions in the society. According to the signatories, main cause of the tragedy in Jalal-Abad, led to the deaths, was unlawful policy of those intriguers, political extremism of who forced people to anti-constitutional actions. However, according to them, democracy is not anarchy. Deputies Altai Borubaev, Kanybek Imanaliev, Kabai Karabekov, Davran Sabirov, Alybai Sultanov, and Turdakun Usubaliev are among the 55 signatories; there are 60 seats in the lower parliamentary chamber and 45 seats in the upper one.

Deputies of parliament Adaham Madumarov, Dooronbek Sadyrbaev, Bektur Asanov and others condemned the appeal saying it disgraces the parliament. According to them, the pro-governmental actions of some deputies are aimed to avoid responsibility for the killings. Sadyrbaev told RFE/RL correspondent on 28 March that none of the signatories visited Jalal-Abad after the bloodshed and do not know what happened there really. President Askar Akayev accused on 18 March the opposition of organizing public disturbances and announced on 21 March that "a small group of provocateurs and demagogues" tried to break public order worming into the local people's confidence, but the government managed to keep order.

RFE/RL Kyrgyz News, March 28, 2002

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