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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[01.04.2OO2] Parliament discusses an appeal by 55 deputies

Deputies of the parliamentary Legislative Assembly (lower chamfer) discussed on 1 April the appeal by 55 deputies of the both chambers to the nation. A lot of deputies condemned it saying the appeal splits not only the parliamentarians but also the nation too into two hostile sides, because none of the commissions investigating the case made any conclusion on the cause of the killings in Jalal-Abad. According to Deputy Dooronbek Sadyrbaev, Deputy Turdakun Usubaliev organized the action inviting the deputies in his room and forcing them to sign the appeal. Sadyrbaev said there were no public disturbances in Jalal-Abad until the police began shooting on the demonstrators.
Speaker of the assembly Abdygany Erkebaev said he did not sign the appeal, because it was not discussed at the assembly. Deputy Azimbek Beknazarov ashamed the speaker of the upper chamber, Altai Borubaev, of signing the appeal without open discussion. Deputy Adaham Madumarov said that the signatories of the appeal become the third side in the conflict between people and power, making a dissentient policy.
Fifty-five deputies of parliament appealed to the nation on 27 March asking not to be misled by some intriguers disturbing people and forcing tensions in the society.
According to them, main cause of the tragedy in Jalal-Abad was unlawful policy of those intriguers, political extremism of who forced people to anti-constitutional actions. At least five people were killed and about 20 injured during the clashes between police and demonstrators on 17 and 18 March.
RFE/RL Kyrgyz News, April 1, 2002

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