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[11.07.2OO2] Crisis in Kyrgyzstan

Letter to the editor:
"The June 25 World in Brief item "Kyrgyzstan Feared to Be Nearing Civil War" was incorrect.
The current political crisis in Kyrgyzstan is not a civil war. The tragic events in March, when the government's use of force during stormy demonstrations in the south of Kyrgyzstan led to several deaths and injuries, brought about this crisis. But the actions of the president and the government since these events demonstrate Kyrgyzstan's commitment to democracy and peaceful development.
A commission with representatives from all political forces was formed to investigate the March tragedy. In accordance with the commission's findings, responsible local and state officials were punished. The government resigned and a new government was formed.
Some demonstrations still are taking place in southern Kyrgyzstan, but on a much smaller scale. Not all the issues regarding the tragic events in Kyrgyzstan have been solved, and we consider the meetings and protests to be strong signs of democracy."
Republic of Kyrgyzstan
Washington Post, July 11, 2002; Page A20
Washington Post, July 11, 2002

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