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[05.03.23] Kyrgyz President Says Military Operation in Iraq Must Be Sanctioned by the UN

At a joint press conference with visiting Slovak President Rudolf Schuster on 4 March, Askar Akaev said that any military operation against Iraq must be sanctioned by the UN Security Council in order to show that the international community is abiding by international law, Interfax reported. Akaev argued that the ongoing destruction of proscribed Iraqi missiles shows that political and diplomatic means of disarming Iraq still exist. Akaev added that the Bishkek airbase of the international antiterrorism coalition will be used exclusively for operations in Afghanistan in accordance with the UN mandate under which the base was set up. Humanitarian aid to Afghanistan will continue to be provided from the base as well. Schuster was quoted as saying that the military base at Bishkek's Manas International Airport has facilitated NATO's eastward expansion and played an important role in the antiterrorism operation in Afghanistan

Eurasianet, March 05, 2003

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