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[11.01.23] Will Chubais Help?

Kyrgyz energy sector capacity is over 3.6 mln kW. 2.9 mln kW (82.2%) are used up by energy stations to produce 12.5 13.5 bln kWh of energy per year. The greater share of it (10.5 11.5bln kWh) is consumed within the country. 1.6-2.2 kWh is transferred to the neighboring Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
At the present time Kyrgyzstan is only using 10% of the full energy capacity and 13% of the technical capacity. Specialist assessment shows that energy sector potential is equal to 142bln.kWh
Djienbekov S., Minister for Foreign Trade and Industry believes that construction of two Kambartinskaya energy stations along the Naryn is extremely prospective for the country
Elaboration of a long-term program for energy sector development is expected already in the first quarter of 2003 in cooperation with Russia.
All possible options for bilateral cooperation will be outlined in a joint energy consortium. It will be created at the beginning of 2003 with the following parties involved: Russian Energy Ministry, RAO Unified Energy System of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry of the KR, State Agency on Energy and Kyrgyz energy companies Elektricheskie Stantsii and Natsionalnaya Elektricheskaya Set Kyrgyzstana. Energy transit through Kazakhstan is the main problem and obstacle at this time.
In January-February 2003, Russian Energy Ministry, RAO UES of Russia and the Kyrgyz energy companies are to discuss the problem - Kyrgyzstan and Russia dont have a common border. Some time ago RAO UES of Russia and Kazakhstan (KEGOK) have reached an agreement that touches upon transit of Kyrgyz energy to Russia and possibly to the third countries. With Russian participation, Kyrgyzstan is hoping to export energy to China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The Kyrgyz party welcomes Russian involvement in renovation of energy station equipment, which is often more than 40 years old. During the Soviet times it was mainly imported in the republic from Russia. Approximate value of the most indispensable equipment is about 10 mln dollars.
Agreements have been signed to arrange supply of Russian materials and equipment for Toktogul cascade, Uch-Kurgan and At-Bashi energy stations (RAO US of Russia and Energomasheksort) in 2003-2005. Already in 2003 equipment will be supplied for collaborative construction and utilization of Kambartinskaya ES-2
A&G Kyrgyzstan, January #3, 2003

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