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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[28.03.23] Excerpt from the Interview with B.Jumabekov, Mayor of Jalal-Abad

Jalal-Abad today is proudly occupying a third place by volume of industrial output in the country. In oblast, Jalal-Abad accounts for 30% of industrial output. Such enterprises as JSC Kyrgyzpahta, JV Ak-Altyn, JSCs Kelechek, Nur, Kok-Art, Nasos, Bailyk, Almanbet are contributing greatly to industrial development. Just in January-February of 2003 industrial enterprises had an output of 367 thousand soms
30% of 500 industrial items, produced exported. Cotton, tobacco, various types of electric cords, cotton thread and mineral water are among them, to name a few. However, enterprises face a number of problems when selling the products, in particular when transporting them across the borders with the neighboring states
Small and medium size enterprises are of great importance for the city. They account for 44,8 % of all industrial output. 4 new enterprises were launched last year. There are now over 3 thousand private entrepreneurs in the city
4,9 % of the population in 2002, that is 1166 people, were registered as unemployed. 2692 new working places have been created. 29 unemployed were granted 150 thousand soms in micro-finance loans
As about the main city problems, its is necessary to construct 3 news schools because the number of urban residents is growing from year to year. Water supply system has to be reconstructed and infrastructure of 2 new micro-rayons improved
Kyrgyz Tuusu, March 28, 2003

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