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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[17.04.23] Jalal-Abad Oblast Export Up

Last year Jalal-Abad oblast exported over 2 bln soms of goods, while imported only 900 thousand soms, reported K.Naskeev, governor of the oblast. He believes that oblast possesses a tremendous export potential.
Raw cotton, tobacco and lamps from the Mailuu-Suu lamp factory account for 90% of export. These goods are mainly purchased by the NIS countries Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. However, the lamp factory produces 20 types of lamps and exports them to 25 countries, while 30 are interested in the product. This year, the plant will manage to meet the demand thanks to the Russian investment attracted last year.
Besides, a Chinese company Deilun is also planning to construct and launch several enterprises to process wild forest produce into juices and export them.
Slovo Kyrgyzstana, April 17, 2003

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