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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[06.05.23] Afminex Investing in Kyrgyz Oil

Afminex made an announcement about its purchase of 50% share in Textonic Consulting. Textonic Consulting has the right for concession of several oilfields in the South of Kyrgyzstan.
Last year Dataloop, a branch of Afminex, purchased 50% share in seven oil production projects in the South, 1-1,5 mln dollars was spent to finance each.
16 thousand sq. km of the Fergana Valley territory is under oil production at the time.
According to Afminex representatives, 50% of Textonic Consulting was purchased just in time, as development of 3 Charvak oilfields is about to start within three weeks its reserves amount to about 6,4 mln barrels of oil.
NA AKIpress, May 6, 2003