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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[16.06.23] Kyrgyz Parliamentarians Want More Independence for Courts

During a lively discussion of a draft law on the Supreme Court and the local system in Kyrgyzstan on 14 June, members of the Lower House of the Kyrgyz parliament called for more independence for the courts. In particular, parliamentarians objected to an article in the bill that would give the president the right to organize, reorganize, or dissolve raion courts and other courts at that level, saying that this would contravene the constitution. According to the report, deputies grilled the chairman of Kyrgyzstan's Supreme Court on the present independence of the judicial branch and called attention to the executive branch's influence on court decisions. The bill also stipulates the creation of collegiums of judges to review the objectivity of court rulings and gives the Supreme Court the right to determine the size of its staff. Previously, this was determined by the president.
"Obshchestvennyi reiting", June 16 2003

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