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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[25.06.23] Central Asian States Foster Favorable Environment for Trade

Governor of Osh oblast, N.Kasiev, proposed to create a favorable environment for development of trade in Fergana valley. Representatives of 7 regions from different countries, bordering the valley attended a summit in Osh to discuss the issue. Government officials and major business men decided to create Trans-Fergana Coordination Committee and elaborated a matrix of projects and events to help Committee settle down visa and customs regulations, start out joint ventures, develop pilot projects, promote tourism and information network in Fergana Valley. At present, Fergana Valley is known for the highest unemployment rate and the poorest living standards. Traditional ties and border trade encounter artificial obstacles customs and border control that prevent Valley residents from travelling and promoting trade cooperation.
NA Kyrgyz Press , June 25, 2003

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