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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[08.07.23] Kyrgyz Power To Europe?

At the moment, Kyrgyzstan only hypothetically can enter the market of the electric power of Russia, and then Europe. But such aspiration of Kyrgyzstan exists. It was supported by the Russian power experts in the Cholponata session of power council of the CIS. At the final press conference, the chairman of the council Anatoly Chubais has told: power of the Central Asian region already have shown, that it can work synchronously. Experts of Kyrgyzstan and Russia talk in one language, and for expansion of cooperation there is a technological basis. A. Chubais was convinced also with negotiations with Kyrgyz Prime Minister Nikolay Tanaev.Both countries are aimed at the joint projects, even on such courageous, as an output to Europe. The Russian power engineers already have carried out preliminary talk with Europeans and have signed the starting memorandum of teamwork. Having designated a problem, they have begun basic researches of opportunities of such merge in view of economy, politics, and technologies. So to join the power channel Spain - Central Asia is quite real. Certainly, it is not tomorrow, but movement already began. The first practical step in the development of transit potential of the EurAsEC countries became the agreement about the Kirghiz kWh-h through Kazakhstan in the Siberian federal district. In this connection, at the session of a round table of EurAsEC power have approved the beginning of work on drawing up of the basic directions of an export policy, development of the circuit interstate transition of watts / hours. It is necessary to create the unified system of the commercial control and the account: who, how many has taken, has developed, has transferred. It also will be approach to injection of power nets of the CIS, Central Asia in the European system. The main thing is to create reserve capacities. Their potential in the region is quite good, there are 60 large power stations. The annual manufacture in Uzbekistan - 70, Kazakhstan - 105, Tadjikistan - 20, in Kirghizstan - about 12 billion kWh. In spite of the fact that in Kyrgyzstan manufacture is the smallest, hydro-potential of the Kyrghyz rivers is about 150 billion kWh. The last year delivery of the electric power abroad has exceeded 1 billion kWh. It is twice less than is lost in networks. Besides, as President Askar Akaev said at the session of Security Council of the country, deterioration of the equipment of power stations - from 50 up to 80%. It is a brake for creation of a reserve of capacities. In Kyrgyzstan, the glaciers are the basic stocks of fresh water in the region. Almost all drain of the rivers accumulates behind dams of hydro-constructions. At the session Nikolay Tanaev has paid attention of participants to such aspect of formation common power market of EurAsEC: development of the electric power in the republic is in direct dependence on presence of water resources. At the moment of peak loading of water is reset through turbines. It fills the fields, lowlands in neighboring countries, bogs up and occupies the ground. In the summer, it is especial in droughty years, the water is necessary for an irrigation. Power experts of Central Asia even offered re-profile Toktogul power station and to use its water basin only for watering and increases of manufacture of agricultural products. And the missing in Kyrgyzstan in the winter period of kWh to receive from neighbors. There is also one more way of effective interaction of the countries of the region - rational expenditure of waterpower resources.Time has come to be outside of the limits of the countries and associations, to start to debug synchronous and parallel work of electric systems of countries - participants EurAsEC, to gather reforms in branch, to liberalize home markets and to adjust uniform information system of the power market in EurAsEC. The heads of the governments on the basis of recommendations of scientific - practical conference should approve the bases of power policy and plan of joint actions. As A. Chubais said "first order then mutual love". Then we will think about output to Europe. Thanks to Russia, first it is possible to create great synchronous power system in the world.
By Albert Bogdanov,
Slovo Kyrgyzstana, July 8, 2003

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