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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[10.07.23] Kyrgyzstan Posts Budget Deficit of 616 Million Som in H1

Kyrgyzstan posted a budget deficit of 616 million som, or 8.8% of spending, according to preliminary figures, in the first half of 2003.
Budget revenue totaled 6.396 billion som and spending was 7.012 billion, deputy director of the central treasury Saidbek Zlupuev said at a briefing Thursday.
The deficit was partly due to finance ministry spending on the elimination of natural disasters, he said.
Revenue was 6% under the target for the first half. The shortage will be covered by expected revenues in the second half, he added.
Despite not meeting the first half target revenue increased 12.2% year-on-year.
The 2003 budget envisages revenue of 13.844 billion som, spending of 13.968 billion som and a deficit of 124 million som, or 0.15% of GDP.
The official exchange rate of the ruble on July 9 stood at 41.6062 som/$1.
Interfax, July 10, 2003

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