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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[18.11.23] Kyrgyzstan Raises Gold Production 23.6%

Kyrgyzstan raised gold production 23.6% year-on-year to 17.758 tons in January-October.
The Kyrgyz-Canadian Kumtor Gold Company boosted output 27.3% to 16.5227 tons, Asek Balakbekov, aide to the head of the state-owned mining concern Kyrgyzaltyn, told Interfax.
Kyrgyzaltyn owns two-thirds of Kumtor Gold Company, which develops the big Kumtor gold lode. Canada's Cameco owns the other third.
Kyrgyzaltyn produced 1.236 tons of gold at exclusive sites, 10.8% less than in the first ten months of last year because, Balabekov said, ore at the Makmal mine was becoming leaner.
14.11.2003 12:16:00 GMT
U.S. hopes for democratic presidential election in Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek. (Interfax) - The U.S. administration hopes that the presidential election in Kyrgyzstan will be fair, free, equitable and transparent, Elizabeth Jones, assistant secretary of state for Europe and Asia, told the press in Bishkek on Friday.
Since a presidential election is scheduled in Kyrgyzstan for 2005, the United States is giving special attention to the development of a civil society in that country, she said.
Effective electoral legislation must be passed in Kyrgyzstan and observers need to be trained, Jones said. These factors will be especially important in counting votes and determining the transparency and fairness of the future election, she said.
President Askar Akayev has said that in compliance with the constitution, he will not seek reelection, Jones recalled. The U.S. hopes for active cooperation between President Akayev, non-governmental organizations and the Kyrgyz society in making the future elections in Kyrgyzstan fair, free and transparent, she said.
Jones attended a ceremony for the opening of an independent printing house set up with the aid of the State Department and the Freedom House non-governmental organization.
She will hold talks with Akayev on Friday.
Interfax, November 18, 2003

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