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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[20.01.24] Kyrgyzstan Reduces Coal Production 3.9%

Kyrgyzstan reduced coal production 3.9% to 411,300 tons in 2003 due to under-funding for the sector, a senior coal industry official told Interfax.
The state-owned coal producer Komur saw output drop 10.8% to 337,300 tons, Zhaparbek Amantayev, leading coal industry specialist at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry, said.
Komur had output of 152.9 million soms in value.
Amantayev said coal production fell because funding was not released quickly enough. Fixed-asset wear at Komur is approaching 85% and more than half of the coal producer's fixed assets are beyond repair.
And the financial plight of two coal producers - Korgoin-Tash and Almalykkomur - was severe enough to reduce them to bankruptcy, Amantayev said.
Interfax, January 20, 2004 

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