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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[20.05.23] New Incident. Two Uzbek Frontier-guards are Captured in Ala-Buka

In Ala-Buka region a new incident of shooting is registered, which happened on fault of soldiers of Uzbek frontier forces.
Fortunately, it ended with no victims and sufferings. Two Uzbek frontier guards are detained by operative group of Ala-Buka Department of Interior (OVD). Employees of regional Office of Public Prosecutor carry out investigation of all circumstances of this case.
As it follows from the facts of investigation, in night for May 14 the peasant from Sofedbulon A.Mathalikov was carrying 20 bags of saltpeter on a truck GAZ-53. The truck was broken on the way and the peasant had to find another transport to deliver the fertilizer up to destination.
Three Uzbek frontier guards came up while saltpeter was being overloaded to another truck. Not understanding the crunch of the matter (but they would not even have a right for this on another state territory), Uzbek military men accused our farmer in overloading stolen fertilizer.
Afterwards, they started blackmailing one and a half thousand dollars from him. Being afraid, that armed people would take away from him both transport and saltpeter, the peasant unnoticeably sent his son for help to Ala-Buka Department of Interior.
Although it was at midnight, the boy managed to reach the militia. As the boy told everything happened, the operative group led by B.Borbiyev deputy chief of Department of Interior, was sent to the place of the case.
Our militiamen have managed to detain two frontier guards, but the third managed to disappear in the territory of Uzbekistan. Moreover, at the moment of detention one of frontier guards gave an order to his escaping colleague on a portable radio to open a fire. That made some shots aside of our peasants and militiamen, but fortunately, nobody suffered.
The personalities of detained Uzbeks were established after they were brought to Department of Interior. In so doing, deputy chief of Kasansai border post lieutenant U.Parmanov and technician of the same post senior sergeant A.Abdyhashimov wanted to get rich owing to the peasant from Kyrgyzstan.
By Alexander Kim, Yuri Gruzdov,
Eurasianet, May 20, 2003

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