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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

Producer Aktan Kubat: Culture sphere is not sphere of Mafia

Culture sphere is not sphere of Mafia, said producer of the state cinema (Goskino) Aktan Kubat at a press conference. On Friday Kerim Orozaliev called me to come at 3 oclock. I came and there was stranger conversation between us, he added. In his words, K. Orozaliev has started talks with threatening, later state cinema director Zamir Eraliev, who suddenly beat A.Kubat, joined him. The producer tried to avoid beats and did not engaged in fight. There is interesting fact that K. Orozaliev did not help to A. Kubat and after coming militia he wrote in his explanatory that he was not present it. Everything was prepared because Z. Eraliev has been attacking A. Kubat for 1 year but he did not react to it. Now A. Kubat is taking medical treatment. This event is very difficult to call normal but last time we must get used to them, added the producer. /Kabar/

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