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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[31.10.23] Attempt on Kyrgyz Security Council Chiefs Life Resolved

The case of Kyrgyz Security Council chief Misir Ashirkulov's attempted murder in September 2002 has been solved, Bishkek police spokesman Keneshbek Duyshenbayev said in an interview with the newspaper Aalam on Friday.
The crime was investigated by the Bishkek Department of Interior Affairs.
During the search, conducted in summer 2003, suspects in the crime were arrested and evidence of their involvement in the crime was discovered.
"So there is every reason to believe that the crime against Misir Ashirkulov has been solved," Duyshenbayev said.
The investigators are currently collecting evidence, he said.
"The main suspect has undergone a psychiatric evaluation. The doctors found that he requires treatment, and the suspect is currently undergoing [treatment]," he said.
Duyshenbayev said the investigation has taken so long because of the required "laboratory tests of the material evidence."
"Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary laboratory equipment in Kyrgyzstan and some of the material evidence has been sent to crime labs in Moscow," he said.
Duyshenbayev did not divulge the main version of the crime, citing the interests of the investigation.
Ashirkulov was attacked on September 6, 2002. The attacker threw an F-1 grenade under his feet. Ashirkulov sustained multiple injuries in the attack. Another grenade, which did not explode, was found not far from the crime scene.
A suspect was arrested in Bishkek last year.
Interfax, October 31, 2002

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