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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

Waste products of Kadamjai antimony plant caused Kyrgyz PM anxiety during visit to Batken

Waste products of Kadamjai antimony plant have caused Kyrgyz Prime Minister Felix Kulovs anxiety during his visit to Batken Oblast, Kyrgyzstan. It represents toxic lake, in which structure has sold of heavy metals, arsenic, mercury, selenium. This problem carries regional character. New hosts of the plant investors from Kazakhstan assert that they learned the problem on June 2, 2005 after purchase of the plan. Investors make every effort to neutralize danger, using the latest German technologies, seeking additional grant aid. Today all restoration works completed and the plant is ready for launch. It is expected that plant will produce 10 thousand tons of antimony in a year. The Prime Minister promised investor to help in regulation of the problem. /Kabar/

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