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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

Four years passed after tragic Aksy events

Today March 17 is the fourth anniversary of tragic Aksy events. This day the leader of Asaba party Azimbek Beknazarov and his colleagues will hold memorable meeting in Bospiek village with expression of condolence and then they will visit families of victims lost during Aksy events. If not bloody events in Aksy region in March, 2002 when by Askar Akayevs order during dispersal of peace demonstration 7 persons were killed and more than 20 received heavy fire mutilation and various physical injuries. After that slaughters overwhelming majority of citizens of Kyrgyzstan opened eyes on antinational board of Akayev, but it took three years in order to there was change of authority, declared recently A. Beknazarov. Co-chairman of Asaba party Roza Otunbaeva agrees with deputy Beknazarov. She declared, that events on March 17, 2002 became the beginning of that process which led to March revolution. /Kabar/

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