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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

About 70 families returned their homes in Iskra

The situation in the village of Iskra, Chui Oblast is stabilized after the recent events here. There are no clashes and meetings in the village. About 70 families, who left their homes, returned to the village. However, they are not allowing their children to go to school, fearing their contacts with Kyrgyz children and repetition of the conflict. It is necessary to note that Dungans, living in the western zone of Chui Oblast, particularly, in the village of Alexandrovka, have shown anxiety in connection with possible appearance of the similar situation in their village. On February 15 a meeting o the state commission on issue of damages compensation took place. At the meeting it was decided to draw up a list of potential addressees compensation and a list of materials for delivering Dungan community. /Kabar/

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